SAAJVA, the other world

Den 19 januari medverkade Ola på Sveriges ambassad i Washington, majestätiskt belägen vid Potomac-floden, i samband med den svenska EU-ordförandeskapsinvigningen. Ola båda jojkade och dansade och presenterade sin mycket speciella förställning Saajva.

It can be described as follows; SAAJVA, the other world, is a Saami stunt dance performance about the other world, The Kingdome of Death. A performance that challenges the thin layers and the possibility of constantly staying and dancing upside down. This poetically beautiful dance is performed in a constant flow of movements mostly performed on one hand. On the International Dance Day, April 29, 2022, Ola Stinnerbom set a new World Record in standing and dancing up and down. In the older sami culture, the Kingdome of Death was a mirror world directly beneath ourselves.

Foto: Pelle Pellesson

Ola Stinnerbom


Stinnerbom Production och Scenit Produktion.




Sveriges ambassad Washington